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The municipality of Torre de Moncorvo has 8572 inhabitants distributed in 13 parishes in an area of about 532 km2.
Created in the 13th century, the municipality has medieval origin in the old municipality of Santa Cruz da Vilariça. It is D. Dinis, in 1285, who grants charter of charter to the Tower of Moncorvo, endowed the village with castle and walls. The Sabor and Douro rivers are a brand in the landscape of this municipality. 
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River Beach Foz do Sabor

Enjoy a day near the water at Foz do Sabor, where the Sabor River and Douro River meet each other. The River Beach at Foz Rio Sabor is equipped with several wooden tables and benches for picnics, a bar, restrooms, parking space, and a river pier. Ideal location to practice aquatic sports.

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We are situated at Alto Douro Vinhateiro, one of Portugal premium wine production areas, UNESCO world heritage. Here you can experience Portuguese wine culture in all its splendor.

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The Eco paths of the Sabor river is a space of real beauty, resulting from the use of the railway line, in the section between the north bank of the Douro River, in Pocinho, and Carviçais, in a total of 34 km of walking path.
From these trekking paths you can glimpse a wonderful landscape over the Douro River, Torre de Moncorvo, Vale do Sabor and Serra do Reboredo and envolving nature.

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Historical Heritage

Torre de Moncorvo is an amazing village due to the diversity of Heritage: Architectural, Archaeological, Natural, Geological, Industrial, Gastronomic. 

In April Moncorvo celebrates its roots with a medieval fest, visitors are invited to an immersive experience and try the traditional gastronomy and other historical recreations.    

Moncorvo's Viewpoint Route

The recently created Viewpoint Route of Torre de Moncorvo will take you on a journey through the most beautiful sights the region has to offer.

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